Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there any fees associated with rituals or classes at Life Temple?

A: No. There are never any charges or fees associated with rituals or classes, but donations are accepted and are tax deductible. We are a 501-3C non-profit church that is chartered by the federal and state government. We are very proud of this fact as many pagan churches operate without this important legal license. Our church is self supporting so should you become an active student or participant you will be expected to contribute to the church in whatever way you are able. If you would like to make a donation please contact us.


Q: Is Life Temple right for me?

A: We strive to determine that early and via our first few conversations over the phone and in-person. We must see if we are a good fit for each other. This church will be right for some but not all.


Q: May I attend L.T.S even if I don't associate with the Celtic path?

A: Yes. Life Temple is well versed in many pagan paths. We only ask that while participating in our rituals you honor and respect our decision to practice in a uniform and like-minded fashion. For this purpose we are a Celtic Temple.


Q: I am an Initiate, must I take classes to become a member of L.T.S?

A: No. If you are coming from another temple or coven, we do not require you to take classes. Membership will be considered after verification with your previous church through proper customs. However we recommend that you take classes in order to better understand how our Temple operates.


Q: Must I become a member of Life Temple in order to attend rituals?

A: No. You may attend any rituals that are marked 'open to the public' on our Ritual Calendar. Rituals marked 'closed' on the calendar are for Temple members only.


Q: I am under the age of 18. May I attend classes?

A: Depending on your age and interest, you might be able to attend classes. We do not guarantee admission to minors. A meeting must be scheduled with you & your parent or legal guardian. Classes may begin with both written parental permission and our approval.


Q: I am under the age of 18. May I attend rituals?

A: No. We believe that the Wiccan faith is meant for adults only and that ritual space (albeit safe) is best celebrated by mature persons. Therefore we do not allow minors to participate in our rituals. A youth circle may be an option in the future if we have enough interest.


Q: Do you teach magic?

A: No. We don't believe that magic can be taught. Simply put, magic is a personal, individual experience and is best practiced by mature persons who know and understand the full consequences of their actions. The full course of study for those interested in becoming initiates of Crafte does include magic theory and principle.


Q: I Believe someone has cursed, hexed, put a spell one me, or is practicing 'black magic' against me - will Life Temple help?

A: We receive many phone calls from individuals who feel they are being afflicted by the misdeeds of a magic practitioner and many more calls from those who believe they have been cursed or hexed in some way by a former friend or family member. While we understand that your situation might be very bad, Life Temple & Seminary does not offer "Witch For Hire" services. We are not here to undo someone else's magic. Nor will we meddle in the affairs of others. We are a religious institution and our focus is on the religious nature of Crafte. The magical practices of others are not our concern.


Q: I wish to learn more about Wicca for professional or personal reasons. Can I take classes, even if I do not plan on practicing the Wiccan faith?

A: We will aid you however we can and if needed hold a special class for you. We encourage spouses and loved ones, police officers, lawyers, public officials, community leaders and clergy from other religions to attend classes in order to better understand and differentiate Wicca from other pagan traditions. Please feel free to contact us for more information on attending these types of classes.

Additionally Life Temple provides a community outreach & education program. If you have a group or organization and you are interested in learning about Wicca, we can arrange for our clergy to come and speak about our beliefs. The goal of these speaking engagements is to educate, NOT to recruit members. Contact us if you would like to know more.


Q: Does Life Temple practice rituals Skyclad?

A: No. Skyclad is a Pagan term for naked. And while many Temples & Covens do perform their rituals in the buff, we do not. We feel that ritual space should feel comfortable for all participants and skyclad rituals tend to make many folks uncomfortable.


Q: Where exactly is Life Temple?

A: We will not divulge our physical address until we have spoken with and met you face to face. This many seem secretive but there is good reason for it.

Witch Covens and other Pagan groups are customarily small - we typically do not have enough funds to sustain a building or facility. Instead the Temple or Coven is usually also the home of the High Priest or High Priestess and the covenstead works together to keep it maintained and presentable for the purposes of the church. This is a common practice throughout Crafte.

We do not publicize our address, not only for the safety of those who live at the Temple full-time but also for the safety of the church as a whole. As you can imagine - not all neighbors will be thrilled to know that a group of witches live & worship next door. As a result we (and most other groups) keep a low-profile. You've likely driven right past our doors and not even known it.