Life Temple & Seminary is a well respected, recognized teaching temple; known for having some of the best trained witches in North Carolina. Our Wiccan / Pagan religious Studies Classes are free and open to adults ages 18 & older. If you are interested in taking classes, please read the information below and then contact us for an admissions interview and introduction.

The teachings of Life Temple & Seminary are not for everyone. Our teachings are very traditional and orthodox. Our classes are structured and organized and we have a strong sense of protocol & values. We do not believe our way is “the right way”, only that it is a way and it will be right for some, but not all.

There are no fees or dues associated with classes. They are free. Donations are gladly accepted, however. Please note that FREE does not mean "open to all". An admissions interview must be scheduled and you must be accepted into our seminary program.

Our classes are a set structure with a syllabus that is not modifiable. Nor are the classes offered as electives, you cannot pick and choose which ones you take.

We meet with prospective students and those interested in our church throughout the year. Contact us to schedule an admissions call.

Those initiated into Crafte by Life Temple are recognized by the federal government as Priests and Priestesses of our religion.

Our degree holders are highly respected by other traditional Wiccan groups.

We offer 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Degree Wiccan studies.

Classes are held once a month, (usually on New Moon). Classes are for those wishing to follow our path and individuals who are already living a Pagan life. Most of our students are interested in one day becoming clergy and ministers of our faith. We do our best to guide those who simply wish to know more about Wicca but typically not via classes.


The History & Origin of Wicca.
Celtic life is not what you might think. There is a rich, vibrant culture & legacy that was left by the Celtic people. Who are they? How did they live? What laws, morals, & religious beliefs did they have? Our classes cover all this & more. You'll see how the Celts influenced modern day life & why we still follow many of their ways today.

Wiccan Protocol, Laws, Ethics & Tenants of The Faith.
Believe it or not Wiccan’s have all of the above. If you are unfamiliar with these important practices and customs you might unknowingly offend a member of the Wiccan community. The Wiccan Laws set the rules by which we live. Although they are readily available, it can sometimes be hard to understand all of the laws and your part in upholding them. Wiccan Tenants are rules for enlightenment and spiritual growth. Although they are easier said than done, we teach the importance of all three and how they can positively influence your life. 

The Wiccan Calendar - including Sabbats
Most people interested in Crafte are familiar with the full moon and Sabbat rituals that make up the Wiccan Calendar. But do you know what these holidays and great feasts mean? Do you understand why they are celebrated? If you want to learn the meaning of these all important observances and worship with more purpose and understanding, our classes will help you do that. 

Meditation is a simple thing that many cultures & religions practice. But are your meditations working? Are they the right meditation for you? What makes meditation effective & how do you best use meditation in your day to day life?

Circle Construction / Mechanics
Probably the area of Wicca kept most secret is the process of circle casting and construction. Not everyone is meant to know and understand this sacred rite. As your classes progress, circle casting will be covered; but only when the time is right and you are ready to learn it.

There are many forms of divination with origins that stretch across the globe. Many people drawn to Wicca take an interest in divination but find it hard to find practical answers to questions. This class covers many methods & allows you to practice hands on in a safe environment.

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