Statement of Ethics and Conduct

We are a group of everyday people with jobs and families. We are not here to stand-out or offend others. To us, Wicca is not a trend, nor a fashion statement meant for shock-value. It is our religion, our way of life. And it is an old, time honored tradition. It is not a new belief system nor is it influenced or based in any way on movies, TV shows, or other pop-culture movements. To members of our church, Wicca is a personal experience and we do not flaunt our beliefs at the expense of others. As with many other traditional groups of our faith - this is the main reason why we are a Temple and why we do not refer to ourselves as a Witch Coven. The word coven simply has too many negative associations. However, in the faith known simply as Crafte, the words coven, temple and church all mean the same thing. This website is intended to serve as an educational tool and resource center for those interested in learning more about Wicca. It is also a resource for our members, students and clergy both near and far.