Serving Modern Man in an Ancient Way

Welcome to Life Temple and Seminary                                                        

We are an Old Guard temple located in the Charlotte, NC area; serving the surrounding areas.

At Life Temple we practice, honor and live traditional Crafte. We are an active temple that gathers for all major and minor Sabbats as well as monthly Full Moon rituals. We are a federally recognized, non-profit (501-c3) religious institution teaching witchcraft and the ways of the Old Religion.

We do not believe our way is “the right way”, only that it is a way and it will be right for some, but not all. For that matter, Pagan faiths, including Wicca and Witchcraft, are not for everyone.

Our primary purpose is spiritual and emotional growth through our path and we offer the same for all who are willing. We do not discriminate based on age, religious beliefs, gender, sexual orientation, race, economic circumstance, or physical disabilities.

We are now accepting applications for new students in the Gaston County area. Classes will be limited in number so please reserve your place now. Please email and let us know you are interested. 

We offer several community services including speaking engagements and interviews. For a complete list and more information, please click here.

A message from Lord Night.

A message from our founder.

Ethics and Conduct


We proud to announce the arrival of our new podcast. the first episode will be live on September 1, 2021. Listen on Buzzsprout via the Listen Now button, or on Spotify, Amazon Music/Audible, and IHeart Radio. More options available at the Listen Now link.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions for the podcast, please use Podcast in the subject line.



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