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Our Beliefs

while we cannot speak for all pagans...

There are so many misconceptions associated with the various faiths of witches, wiccans, and pagans. 

We hope this will help to enlighten you to our ways and the basic foundation of most Pagan religions.

There are many things we do not believe at Life Temple and there are many things that we do. 

This information is not presented to offend, nor is it meant to recruit or change the minds of those whose beliefs lie elsewhere. 

We have no interest in changing your view-point. So please do not challenge, judge or condemn ours.

Life Temple & Seminary

At Life Temple...

We Believe...

  • in personal responsibility for ones actions
  • there is only one source of creation
  • all things are possible
  • happiness resides within one's self
  • in saying what you mean and meaning what you say
  • people should be judged upon their actions
  • in the power of meditation and prayer
  • that all people have the ability to solve their problems
  • that individual spirituality is more important than organized religion
  • Wicca is not a religion for the masses; this is not the path for everyone
  • men & women are not equal but rather balanced, they make a perfect union
  • in the Three Fold Law
  • mythology is just that, mythology - stories with lessons to be learned
  • protocol creates a system of respect for elders and those with service in the Crafte
  • children should choose their own path when the time is right & when they are old enough to decide
  • in being in-tune with the cycles of nature
  • simpler is better
  • all spiritual paths are valid including those of Judeo Christian origin and otherwise
  • that by your deeds you shall be known

       We Do NOT Believe in...

  • The supernatural. Meaning, most Wicca believe all things are natural. All things that make up this earth (living & dead) animated or inanimate and the spirits of both this world & the next, are all a natural part of existence. To be beyond or "more than" nature is not something we recognize.


  • The Devil. Wiccan's do not, nor have they ever believed in or worshiped this Judeo-Christian figure. We do however recognize other people's strong belief in his existence and we are sensitive to those who believe he is a source of malice.


  • Hell. Hell is a possible outcome of the Judeo-Christian faith. Our afterlife is called the Summerland. It is a place of rest for the spirit as it prepares to travel to its next journey.


  • Dogma or karma. Nature does not keep 'a score card' on plants, animals or other living things, so why would it do so for us? 


  • An end-of-days, apocalyptic destruction or any foretold destruction of earth.


  • A savior or messiah. We have no superior leader or deity-figure that is destined to return to us. However we do recognize & are sensitive to saviors & messiah's that other people believe in.


  • Sin or guilt. We are all responsible for our own actions and the worst punishment comes from ourselves, not a form of guilt imposed by our Gods.

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