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Our Thoughts On Witch Schools

A Note About Online and Correspondence Schools

You should be cautious in searching for proper guidance in the ways of Crafte. Just as with any other subject that attracts knowledge seekers, so too, Crafte attracts hustlers and scammers. Sadly there are many who would try to profit from the needs of others. We at Life Temple believe that there is absolutely no substitution for a face-to-face, classroom, learning environment. It is difficult, if not impossible to learn a religion without proper teachers and community. Most important, the true lessons to be found in any religion are passed orally; they cannot simply be read off of a website. Lastly, no respectable, traditional Coven or group will acknowledge the degrees earned via online or correspondence means. True Crafte does not exist on the internet alone.

Caution - You May Be Going Too Fast

Our Thoughts About 'Year-and-A-Day' Studies

We implore you; please, do not refer to any training you may be receiving, or taken in the past as Year and A Day training. The true meaning of year and a day is usually misunderstood and it's a much misused term. The process of spiritual growth and learning cannot be pre-defined in this manner. No one can say for certain that after a certain length of time you will be ready to obtain your First Degree status into the priesthood. These honors are earned and afforded to people when they are ready. You might be ready after only a year of training, but it could take 2 or more years for you to earn your first Degree. Not only is it wise for you to be patient with this life-long learning process, but it's also wise to be wary of anyone who promises to accelerate your education in any way.

Our Thoughts On WitchTok

The Internet Can Be Scary

There are far too many 'witches' on the internet. They offer tarot readings, divination, crystals, spiritual council, along with spells, hexes, potions, and lotions. Sadly, in the last decade witchcraft has become so popular that is has become a commodity of sorts.  It is now reported that Halloween is the most celebrated holiday in the United States. And Halloween items begin appearing in stores as early as June!  But is All Hallows Eve really the most celebrated religious holiday? Not by a long shot. For most people it is simply an excuse to hang their 'Spooky Season' decor. Meanwhile, Witches around the globe gather to celebrate Samhein (which is Nov 1st by the way), the last harvest, where we honor departed loved ones and the coming season of winter.  

Now people living a Wiccan or pagan lifestyle have an abundance of clothing, home decor, trinkets, and tools to choose from to display their witchness.  But this does not a witch make.  While we are very glad that practitioners of Crafte are able to live their lives out of the broom closet, we are also dismayed by the symbols of our faith becoming fashionable attire. We pause when we see our religion being bought and sold at Target, Home Goods, and even, Home Depot. Because for Life Temple, as it is for most covens, faith is the focus. All the other stuff is just... stuff.  You cannot purchase faith. You cannot buy your connection to the divine. But there are many people, including supposed witches, who will gladly try to sell it to you.  

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