About Pagan Books

If you have the nagging suspicion that the Wiccan & Pagan books you have found at your local chain book store are incomplete...you are not wrong. Many of the books lining the shelves of the metaphysical or alternative religion sections of most book stores are commercial publications. They are designed to sell; making money for publishers who are capitalizing on whatever is trendy.

It is important to note that some of the authors of these books are not inducted or initiated members of Crafte; they have not been traditionally trained in the ways of the Wicca. It is unlikely that you will find answers to your questions in these books. More often than not, Wiccan & Pagan books confuse people more than they educate them. This is one of the key reasons that those seeking this religion should take classes and learn from a Wiccan group.

Even if you don't really have the desire to join a Coven and your goal is to be a solitary practitioner, a well respected Temple will not fault you for this. The classes you take will help you practice responsibly and intelligently, by yourself or in a group.

If you want to gain insight and understanding of a particular Wiccan tradition; then your best avenue is to read & research the history, mythology, anthropology & archeology of that tradition. Head to those sections of the book store, & leave the Wiccan books on the shelves.